Advanced Care Planning Information and Public Institutions of Higher Education


  • Anthony McGaughey
  • Valerie Senkowski
  • Paul Branscum



This review was designed to identify behavior change techniques used to enhance pelvic floor muscle exercise (PFME) interventions to prevent and treat urinary incontinence among women. A systematic search of peer-reviewed literature was conducted to identify interventions for adult women to address UI with PFME. A taxonomy of BCTs was used to code intervention content. Ten articles were retrieved. Across the ten interventions, 111 BCTs were described, and 34 unique BCTs were identified. The most frequently coded BCTs included Instruction on how to perform the behavior (BCT 4.1; n=10 studies), Demonstration of the behavior (BCT 6.1; n=9 studies), Behavioral practice/rehearsal (BCT 8.1; n=9), and Credible source (BCT 9.1; n=9 studies). Specific findings indicate that a core intervention of four techniques is commonly used, and supported by complementary techniques from the categories feedback and monitoring as well as goals and planning.



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McGaughey, A., Senkowski, V., & Branscum, P. (2021). Advanced Care Planning Information and Public Institutions of Higher Education. American Journal of Health Studies, 36(1).

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