About the Journal

Welcome to the American Journal of Health Studies. The Journal presents contemporary issues on health promotion and disease prevention themes through the publication of feature and research articles, monographs, case studies, research briefs, and commentaries. American Journal of Health Studies supports the philosophy that health promotion, in its broadest sense, is multidimensional and includes intervention, policy, social support, corporate culture, and environmental support components. The Journal focuses on health topics for prevention and health promotion related to chronic disease/interventions, physical exercise/fitness, community health, nutrition and wellness themes.

American Journal of Health Studies (AJHS) is a rigorously peer reviewed journal that supports the development of comprehensive insight and practice principles in community health by promoting hypothesis driven research in the fields of

  •    community health
  •    health education
  •    health outcomes
  •    public and primary health care and health promotion

The AJHS is particularly interested in comprehensive literature reviews, meta-analyses, theory driven intervention studies, comprehensive case studies, and thoughtful commentaries on the topics listed above. Categories of articles for submission are provided below.

Feature Articles: Feature articles are limited to a length of 30 pages, including tables, figures, and references.  Manuscripts in this format can include reports of empirical research, critical reviews of the literature on a specific topic, and a discussion of ethical issues in health education and promotion.

Case Studies: Case study articles, limited to 10 pages, evolve around the planning, implementation, and evaluation of health education and promotion programs. Case studies should include a section discussing program rationale, the organizational setting of the program, design and implementation, program outcome measures (if available), and discussion.

Commentaries: Commentaries are designed to allow expository writing on contemporary issues and concerns.  Length should not exceed 6 pages.