Piloting Unequal Partners at a High School: Lessons Learned


  • Katherine Kowalk
  • Dayna Henry
  • Katherine Ott Walter
  • Laura Merrell




lessons learned, after school program, health relationships


information for high school students on the importance of healthy relationships. Students were invited to attend a three-lesson program during extended learning times. Students completed surveys at baseline and following the final lesson. Post-program, a sample of students were surveyed in order to assess attendance barriers. While attitudes of students toward the program were positive, academic obligations and lack of advertisement were implementing this curriculum.

Author Biographies

Katherine Kowalk

Katherine Kowalk, B.S., James Madison University

Dayna Henry

Dayna Henry, PhD, James Madison University, 235 Martin Luther King Jr Way Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807, Phone: 540-568-4166, FAX: 540-568-3336

Katherine Ott Walter

Katherine Ott Walter, PhD, James Madison University

Laura Merrell

Laura Merrell, PhD, James Madison University



How to Cite

Kowalk, K., Henry, D., Walter, K. O., & Merrell, L. (2020). Piloting Unequal Partners at a High School: Lessons Learned. American Journal of Health Studies, 35(3). https://doi.org/10.47779/ajhs.2020.237