Student Health Coaches Experiences with Adults with Chronic Health Conditions


  • Kayla Noll
  • Angela Wood
  • Ralph Wood
  • Edward Hebert



Health Coaching, Internships, Chronic Health Condition


The purpose of this qualitative study is to describe the experience of university students completing a health coaching internship at a regional medical center in the Southeastern United States A total of 96 student health coaches completed five journals entries over the semester describing and reflecting on their experiences as a health coach, interactions with patients, and professional growth. Data analysis resulted in the creation of three major themes: “Getting Started,” “Settling In,” and “Wrapping Up.” The results indicate that relationships with patients were a central aspect of the health coaching intern experience. Intern’s journals also highlighted the significance of real-world experiences as an important feature of the health coaching internship that provided them with experiences transcended the classroom, and affirmed their desire to work in the healthcare setting




How to Cite

Noll, K., Wood, A., Wood, R., & Hebert, E. (2022). Student Health Coaches Experiences with Adults with Chronic Health Conditions. American Journal of Health Studies, 36(4).

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