Measuring College Student Attitudes Toward COVID-19 Vaccinations


  • Zach W Taylor
  • Ibrahim Bicak
  • Joshua Childs
  • Carla Fletcher
  • Allyson Cornett



College Students, COVID-19, Vaccine, College Student Health, College Student Development, Campus Safety


This survey explores attitudes of 1,197 currently enrolled college students regarding their comfort taking a COVID-19 vaccine. Results suggest most college students are willing to take a COVID-19 vaccine if their institution requires it to return to campus in subsequent semesters. However, certain students of Color, students with disabilities, and adult students may be hesitant to take a COVID-19 vaccine if it were required before or during an on-campus semester. Finally, many college students do not understand that COVID-19 vaccines will be free, possibly affecting these students’ vaccine hesitancy and willingness to vaccinate, along with their perceptions of safely and affordably returning to campus. Implications for postsecondary policy and leadership are addressed.




How to Cite

Taylor, Z. W., Bicak, I., Childs, J., Fletcher, C., & Cornett, A. (2022). Measuring College Student Attitudes Toward COVID-19 Vaccinations. American Journal of Health Studies, 36(4).