Enhancing Life through Fitness for Aging Individuals: An Interview Study


  • Christina E Nikitopoulos
  • Ivy K Ho




Fitness Community, Midlife, Adult Development, Aging, Physical Activity, Well-being


As individuals age from midlife, proactive health behaviors are essential for healthy aging. A fitness community can provide an experience which not only taps into physical and psychological health, but also into social well-being. Interviews took place with 30 members of fitness communities that adhere to a popular fitness regimen. Participants were over the age of 40, lived in New England, and were fitness community members for greater than one year. Twelve themes emerged from interviews, with the most prominent being a focus on physical and mental health as one ages. The strength developed through their fitness community membership provides the ability to participate in other physical activity and the mental strength is transferredto other aspects of life. The intensity of the workouts and the microcosm of the community provide a unique opportunity which might parallel other life aspects. Future research and programming should consider these findings in engaging aging individuals in fitness communities to provide a forum for physical activity increase



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Nikitopoulos, C. E., & Ho, I. K. (2022). Enhancing Life through Fitness for Aging Individuals: An Interview Study. American Journal of Health Studies, 36(4). https://doi.org/10.47779/ajhs.2021.698