Factors Associated with Initiating but not Completing the HPV Vaccination


  • Kelly L. Wilson, PhD, MCHES
  • Leigh E. Szucs, PhD, CHES
  • Brittany L. Rosen, PhD, CHES
  • Jovanni V. Reyes, MS, CHES
  • Matthew Lee Smith, PhD, MPH, CHES




HPV, HPV vaccination, initiation, college women


Thee purpose of the study was to examine social in uences and healthcare characteristics on vac-
cination completion among females who initiated the process. Questionnaire data were analyzed from 536
females and 20.1% initiated the HPV vaccination but did not complete. Relative to women who com-
pleted the vaccination, those who were older at time of vaccine initiation (P<0.001) and reported a parent
decision to vaccinate (P<0.001) were more likely to have initiated but not completed the cycle. Higher
social in uence to be vaccinated scores were associated with initiating but not completing the vaccination
(P=0.017). These findings can guide health promotion interventions to encourage vaccine completion.



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Wilson, K. L., Szucs, L. E., Rosen, B. L., Reyes, J. V., & Smith, M. L. (2018). Factors Associated with Initiating but not Completing the HPV Vaccination. American Journal of Health Studies, 33(1). https://doi.org/10.47779/ajhs.2018.54

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