POPPED©: A Health Education Intervention to Combat the Opioid Epidemic


  • Brandon Horvath, MPH
  • Jillian Lucas Baker, DrPH, EdM
  • Rosemary Frasso, DrPH, MSc, CPH
  • John McAna, PhD, MA




opioids, health education, curriculum


As overdose rates continue to rise nationally, the development of interventions to address gaps in
knowledge and a lack of consistency in clinical care is essential. Using a pre-post survey design, a cohort of
health professions students was asked to reflect on their levels of knowledge and awareness about opioids
before and after viewing the POPPED© curriculum. Analysis of group mean scores reflected an increase
in knowledge about the opioid epidemic and initiatives associated with combating against it. These find-
ings demonstrate the benefits of health education curricula in serving as instructional tools for populations
directly impacted by the opioid epidemic.



How to Cite

Horvath, B., Baker, J. L., Frasso, R., & McAna, J. (2019). POPPED©: A Health Education Intervention to Combat the Opioid Epidemic. American Journal of Health Studies, 34(1). https://doi.org/10.47779/ajhs.2019.29