Creating Health Information for Individuals with Hearing Loss


  • Amanda Hinson-Enslin
  • Jared Embree
  • Valerie A. Kapp
  • Kathryn Taylor



Health information, hearing loss, universal design for learning


Creating accessible health information (HI) decreases inequities, empowers individuals to make informed health decisions, and promote cues to action for potential health behavior changes. However, HI may not be created with accommodations to allow engagement in HI for some populations, such as indi- viduals with hearing loss. Therefore, developing HI based on specific guidelines such as Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can lend itself useful in HI development. The purpose of this article is to explain UDL guidelines of representation and how they can be incorporated into HI so that it is accessible to a wide audience, including with hearing loss.



How to Cite

Hinson-Enslin, A., Embree, J., Kapp, V. A. ., & Taylor, K. (2021). Creating Health Information for Individuals with Hearing Loss. American Journal of Health Studies, 35(4).