The Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Food Choice Among College Students


  • Jessica Sloan Kruger
  • Daniel J. Kruger



food choices, alcohol consumption, junk food, drunchies


Although the associations between the consumption of alcohol, unhealthy foods, and obesity are known, there is no consensus on the mechanisms involved. Previous research demonstrates that the type of foods available during the peak times for alcohol consumption differ from those available at other times. Advertisements targeting college students indicate an awareness of increased cravings for “junk foods” following alcohol consumption, however there is no previous research on how alcohol consumption affects actual dietary choices differentially by type of food, in comparison to non-alcohol related food consumption. The current study demonstrates that college students’ food cravings increase, consumption of fruits and vegetables is lower, and consumption of junk foods is higher with alcohol consumption than at other times. Respondents reported eating something that they were craving the majority (57%) of the time; however, on average they ate something healthier than what they were craving 27% of the time. These findings help to clarify the behavioral mechanisms underlying the relationship between alcohol consumption, unhealthy dietary behaviors, and obesity.

Author Biographies

Jessica Sloan Kruger

Jessica Sloan Kruger, MSHE currently a Ph.D. Student in Health Education at the University of Toledo, Phone +18104413881, Fax 419-530-4759 University of Toledo Mailstop 119, Office #1003K Toledo, Ohio 43606

Daniel J. Kruger

Daniel J. Kruger, Ph.D. is a Research Assistant Professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan



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