A Mobile App for Reducing Perceived Stress in College Students


  • K. Jason Crandall
  • Kathryn Steward
  • Tara M. Warf




mental health, psychological stress, mobile application, exercise, health education, health promotion


Stress is a serious problem in college students. Novel on-campus stress management programs are needed to teach stress management techniques to help reduce students’ perceived stress. The purpose of this paper is to describe the design, implementation, and program outcomes of a mobile app (Bingocize®) that combines exercise, health education, and bingo into a single stress management program. Preliminary results showed the mobile app may be capable of reducing perceived stress and improving stress management knowledge. Randomized controlled trials are needed, but colleges and universities may consider using the app to affect their students’ overall health and academic performance.

Author Biographies

K. Jason Crandall

K. Jason Crandall, Ph.D., ACSM C-EP, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science, Center for Gerontology Research Fellow, Western Kentucky University, School of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport, 1906 College Heights Blvd., Smith Stadium East 1058, Bowling Green, KY 42101. 270-745-2077, @jasoncrandall2.

Kathryn Steward

Kathryn Steward, M.S., CHES

Tara M. Warf

Tara M. Warf, B.S.



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Crandall, K. J., Steward, K., & Warf, T. (2020). A Mobile App for Reducing Perceived Stress in College Students . American Journal of Health Studies, 31(2). https://doi.org/10.47779/ajhs.2016.163